02 January 2008

13 October 2007


Em, Dominique and I went to heaven in Derby! 45 mins of Fire Breathing Dragons by Sarruga!

14 July 2007

Billy's Bday BBQ - Dumpton Gap Beach

Yep another great BBQ on the beach, here's a pickie of Ashley and Scoobie! Met up with Ollie the singer/guitar player - awesome voice - he's gonna be famous!

07 July 2007

My Fwiend got ma-weed!

Congratulations to Jen and Stephano!

26 June 2007

Stu's 30th - Minster

Great food at Stu's Bday BBQ! Lisa and I had to have a play! The theme? Wacky hair of course! Even Stu's dad didn't get away, but I must say he was easier to persuade after a few beers!

11 May 2007

Women's Bushcraft Course - Natural Pathways

Awesome stuff, learnt soooo much in one weekend I could hardly retain it all. Here is a pickie of Sally showing me how to 'Panache' a fish (I think that's what she said!)

27 March 2007


Met up with Ben again and he invited us to watch him practise on Viking Bay last night - breathtaking stuff!